Black Dogs Ski Club

The Black Dogs Ski Club being a Non-Profit Organization grants a Bursary and Scholarship to help young student with financial problem

  • The Lake Louise Black Dogs Ski Club Bursary and Scholarships are for students wishing to be enrolled in our programs full-time.
  • Bursary include full payment of assigned ski program
  • Scholarship include a "Grant" to be determinated by the Board of Directors in accordance with Ski Club Procedure.



  • Applicant’s parents will be required to provide proof of financial need.  In addition to any other requirements The Lake Louise Black Dogs Ski Club may have, applicant’s parents must provide COMPLETE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS (e.g. entire tax returns) for the last calendar year.  All information will be held in confidence.
  • A reference letter from a coach/counselor for the applicant.
  • A personal statement, no longer than 50 words stating the reasons why applicant wishes to be enrolled in the ski club.



  • If granted a Bursary or scholarship, the student is required to:
    • Remain enrolled in the ski course for its entire duration and attend all classes.
    • Consistently display a positive learning trend and dedication to the program.
    • Consistently display positive, team-oriented attitude and maintain a good relationship with all peers (athletes/coaches)
    • Volunteers Job is required

Please send completed forms and required attachments to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


 * The Lake Louse Black Dogs Ski Club reserves the right to determine, in its absolute discretion, which applications for scholarship will be accepted.  Further, The Lake Louise Black Dogs Ski Club reserves the right to revoke a scholarship and ski passes at any time should the student not comply with any of the above conditions, or if they are found, in The Lake Louise Black Dogs Ski Club’s opinion, to have misrepresented themselves during the application process.